Karya Ilmiah Cara Bertanam Cabai



1.1 Latar Belakang Masalah

Penulis mengangkat permasalah ini karena di Kecamatan Rimbo Bujang khususnya di Unit II, masyarakat yang khususnya bekerja pada bidang pertanian masih sedikit sekali yang bertanam  cabai. Bisa dibilang minim sekali, dan juga para petani yang bertanam cabai di Unit II belum sepenuhnya bertanam cabai dengan benar.

Hal inilah yang membuat penulis tertarik untuk mempersentasikan tentang “Bertanam Cabai”

Baca tulisan ini lebih lanjut



1.1 Latar Belakang

Sebagai negara maritim yang memiliki perairan yang luas konsumsi ikan indonesia sangat memprihatinkan. Hingga Desember 2003 tingkat konsumsi ikan per orang di Indonesia rata-rata 24,67 kilogram per tahun. Volume itu tergolong jauh lebih rendah dibanding dengan konsumsi ikan di Korsel dan Jepang yang rata-rata di atas 100 kg per orang per tahun atau Thailand yang mencapai 35 kg per orang per tahun.(kompas.com, 2007)

Salah satu cara yang bisa ditempuh untuk meningkatkan konsumsi ikan adalah dengan diversifikasi produk hasil perikanan. Salah satu produk yang diharapkan bisa memberikan penetrasi pasar adalah produk bakso ikan diakarenakan kebudayaan masyarakat Indonesia yang sangat menyukai bakso.

Bakso ikan didefinisikan sebagai produk makanan berbentuk bulatan atau lain, yang diperoleh dari campuran daging ikan (kadar daging ikan tidak kurang dari 50%) dan pati atau serealia dengan penambahan atau makanan yang di inzinkan ( Nurfianti, 2007). Baca tulisan ini lebih lanjut

Manfaat Cacing Tanah Bagi Kesehatan Manusia


a. Latar Belakang Masalah
Dewasa  ini penggunaan berbagai macam organisme baik hewan maupun tumbuhan banyak digunakan oleh para ahli untuk penyembuhan berbagai macam penyakit. Salah satu jenis organisme yang digunakan adalah cacing tanah yang dikenal dengan nama ilmiah Lumbricus rubellus. kita  mengetahui bahwa  masyarakat  kurang  mengerti  manfaat  dari  cacing  tanah (lumbricus rubellus).  Selama  ini  kita  beranggapan  bahwa  cacing  tanah  merupakan  hewan yang  menjijikkan  dan  tak banyak memiliki  manfaat.  Padahal   cacing  tanah  memiliki  banyak  manfaat  bagi  kesehatan  manusia. Diantaranya  untuk  penyakit  tekanan  darah  rendah, tekanan  darah  tinggi, kencing  manis,  tipus,  rematik  dan  penyakit  kronis  lainnya. Baca tulisan ini lebih lanjut

Hubungan Penuh Rintangan

Hubungan Penuh Rintangan

Oleh : Siti Wulandri

Disuatu pameran Hendri melihat seorang gadis yang berjilbab biru, dia ingin sekali berkenalan dengan gadis itu, tetapi dia malu untuk mendekatinya, dia berpikir bagaimana caranya agar bias berkenalan dengan gadis berjilbab itu ?

Kemudian Hendri melihat temannya yang bernama Aisyah, ternyata gadis yang berjilbab biru itu teman sekampungnya Aisyah yang bernama Rya, Hendri pun memanggil Aisyah dan meminta agar Aisyah memperkenalkan Rya kepadanya, akhirnya Hendri dan Rya pun berkenalan.

Siang hari Hendri mengingat Rya kembali, dia ingin mempunyai nomor handphone Rya dan dia ingin berdekatan dengan Rya, lalu Hendri meminta nomor Rya kepada temannya yaitu Aisyah. Baca tulisan ini lebih lanjut

The Importance of Exercise


Why Exercise is Important

The majority of us claim that we do not have time for exercise. We feel too busy to do that. However, many expert said that exercise has great role in making our body healthy

Argument 1

Being physically active offers many advantage. In physical reword, exercise can reduce weight then our body will become fitter. Exercise is also believed to reduce stress levels, improve sleep patterns, and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer. Beside physical advantage, exercise also brings good effects mentally. Due to the fitter body, exercise can make us feel refreshed and happy then we can increase our life quality and expectancy.

Argument 2

How can we do exercise while we are busy? Such question is commonly found among us. Actually exercise can be done in simple ways. We can go walking while shopping. In the office we can take stair rather than lift to run up and down. Or we can go cycling while enjoy the leisure time.


Over all, doing exercise is little bit difficult in busy life but the little bit of exercise will help better.


Learning English


Why is Learning English Important?

Language is the mean of communication. Mostly groups of society have their own languages. Some of them appear the top global languages. Most people in the world hear about English, Arabic, and Mandarin. However English is the most global spoken language. Then if a man wants to catch a global goal, he has to master English.

Argument 1

Everyone recognize that English is an international language. English is used in writing and speaking by many people all over the world. It can be either as a first or second language. We even hear British, American, Australian, and even Singaporean English. Those various names of English are used as the first language in those countries. Futhermore, some countries have their own languages as a mother language but also use English mostly in daily comunication.

Argument 2

Besides usage in daily interaction, English is also used as a key to open doors leading to scientific and technical knowledge. No wonder we find manual guides and instructions of many devices written in English. Even if we have a pack of instant noodle, we will see the cooking instruction also written in English. This transfer of science and technic will include many countries in economic, social and politics developement.

Argument 3

Finaly, the most easily seen in the importance of learning English is that most top requirement in filling job opportunities is the ability using English; active or passive. Job applicants who master English are more favourable than ones who do not.


The above facts prove that everybody needs to learn English if he likes to greet the global era.



Illegal Logging is Serious Problem


Do you know condition of kalimantan forest ? Now its so deeply saddenes. Whereas a time ago kalimantan forest is well-known with greeness, and luchness. But now its just hectares of barrren land. Its occurs because the act of illegal loggers.

Argument 1

Firstly important effect on the earth is disaster like flood, erosion, land slide, and soon. Its can cause various problems in various sector, especially in the health sector, like can cause various disease : dearhea, tractus respiratory infection, pes, thrauma, and soon. In the traffic sector is traffic jam, road defect, and soon.

Argument 2

Secondly its can to distrub people who live in the area forest because animal who stay in forest will leave forest and attack people how life in the area around the forest.

Argument 3

Thirdly its also occurs high temperature of the world. And its can make ozon decrease and global warming. Whereas effect from global warming is cause a lot of problems, like ice in polar become liquid, sea surface increase, people who live in world will affected various disease like skin disease, respiration disease, and soon.

Argument 4

Finally in the world will shortage lack oxygen because trees as oxygen [O2] saver and CO2 absorber from the sky have died. And when its real humans who live in world will affected various respiration disease like asthma, bronchitis, Tubercholosis [TBC],  and soon.


Illegal logging is to harm for everthing like humans, animals, plants, and everything in the world because its can cause various disaster, ,distrub people who live in the area forest, various disease, global warming, high temperature of the world, and shortage lack oxygen.

Analytical Exposition About Global Warming


Everybody should change their way of life to reduce global warming. There are several things that we can do. One of them is by buying and consuming fresh local groceries as much as possible. It of course includes local vegetables, fruits, bread, etc.

Arguement 1

Local groceries don’t need much transportation to get it into the market. It of course means, the amount of carbon dioxide produced is less than the groceries from other region. Therefore, by buying local groceries we are helping reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced.

Arguement 2

Consuming fresh groceries instead of frozen ones are healthier for us. Furthermore, fresh food or groceries means no requirements for it to be freeze up. It means that no electricity is needed and saving energy means reducing carbon dioxide and money.



So, from now on we should consume fresh local groceries to reduce global warming.

People Should Use Trans Jakarta Bus


As we know that the status quo right now in Jakarta, many people have personal car. Because of that, Jakarta always have traffic jam, not only in the morning, but also in the evening everyday. It’s very big problem in Jakarta. So, the government makes some ways to solve this problem. One of the ways, they make Trans Jakarta bus which is having a specific line.

Argument 1

People should use the Trans Jakarta bus. Why? Because it can make many advantages for the people who doesn’t have vehicles. In the other hands, it can influence the condition in Jakarta. which mean that, Trans Jakarta can change the situation in Jakarta which before have many traffic jam in everywhere, become fluent on the way

The second argument of this text, if the people use the Trans Jakarta bus, they will thrifty the money, because they just cost 3500 rupiahs and they can transit to other place without pay again. And then they don’t have to fill the car with gas, which is more expensive than use Trans Jakarta.

Third, if all of the people use Trans Jakarta bus, it will also decrease the polution in Jakarta, because the people always drive their car and ride their motorcycle are decreasing so that the polution will also decrease.

Fourth, when the people has already use the Trans Jakarta bus, it makes the cars and motorcycles in the road decrease, the road will little bit empty and so the Trans Jakarta bus can pass by without the resistor.

Finally, come to my last argument, if the people use Trans Jakarta bus, they will feel more comfort then they use public transportation, motorcycles, and etc. Because the Trans Jakara bus uses air conditioner can fill a lot of people. And if we use the ordinary bus like Kopaja, Metro Mini, bemo, and etc, there a lot of criminals, but not in the Trans Jakarta bus because there is a guard.

So, the conclusion of this text is the Trans Jakarta bus giving us some advantages such as cheap, comfortable, avoid from polution, and avoid from criminality, and make the air of Jakarta is getting better and fresher. And finally, using the Trans Jakarta bus will change the Jakarta’s condition. Which full of cars before become fluent and less the fluel using.

So, we believe that people should use the Trans Jakarta bus to change our Jakarta become comfort city.

The Dangerous of Using Drugs


Everybody must pay attention of drugs. Drugs are very dangerous for us. Why it is very dangerous for us? Because its can caused harm to our body.

In terms of health, many organs in our body can be harm because using drug. In general, the impact of using drug are can unconscious, make us hallucinate, can harm our nerve, and cause addictive effect. Beside that, using drugs can make the users depressed, liver disease, schizophrenia, blockage of blood vessels, dehydration, optic nerve damage, brain damage, and finally it can cause DEATH!

Argument 1

When viewed in terms of Islamic law, drugs are forbidden. Because it is cause badness, self harm, debilitate. And Islam proscribes all that can cause badness, self harm because it is included zhalim. Also if we using drugs, it means we already do the forbidden things in Islam, it means we sin. So, in terms of Islamic law, using drugs also dangerous.

Argument 2

Furthermore, if the users of drugs are teenagers, it can endanger their future, and endanger their homeland, their country. From the data, 32 percent of drugs users in Indonesia are teenagers, so, if many teenagers –in this case Indonesia- use drugs, it can be endanger this country, harm youth generation, whereas youths are nation expectation. If the youth using drugs, our nation can be destroy!


So, from now on we must pay attention of drugs, because it’s very dangerous, both in terms of health, religion (Islam), nationality and state.



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